ASLA/ACE Mentor Program Legacy Project

In 2008, ASLA introduced the Legacy Project as a gift to the host city of the annual meeting and expo. The host chapter teams up with the local affiliate of the ACE Mentor Program to design a project to be installed after the meeting. Many EXPO exhibitors donate products and plants each year for the project, allowing ASLA to give back to the city that hosts the meeting.

The Illinois Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), in partnership with the ACE Mentor Program and Chicago Public Schools (CPS), is in the early stages of designing a plaza at Curie Metro High School. The Curie Courtyard Project will include the design of an underutilized space for students in the south west side school of Chicago. The Curie Courtyard Project was selected because it presents a unique opportunity for both Curie and ACE Mentorship students to collaborate together and develop design solutions for a challenging space that is visible to over 3,000 students and administrators daily.

The Curie Courtyard Project will give students of the ACE Mentorship Program the chance to give back to the school that has hosted past design workshops and events for their other projects over the years. ASLA volunteers will hold multiple design charrettes, coordinate the efforts of volunteering partners throughout the City, and educate the students about the landscape architecture process, from concept development through installation.



The products requested for this project are listed below. If you are interested in donating to the project, please contact Mary Patton and Nikolas Davis, Illinois Legacy Project Co-chairs, at .

Legacy Project Commitments

Victor Stanley: (2) 36 Gallon litter receptacles (all steel), (1) Counter height 8ft long table (Ipe wood & steel), (4) Fiberglass planters, (2) 6ft benches (1 backed and 1 backless), (2) 24’’ backed chairs (Ipe wood & steel)

Oak Park PD: annuals, vegetable plants

Haddonstone: cast-basket of fruit, Winslow vase and pedestal

J Frank Schmidt & Son Co.: trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, other plants

Live Earth Products, Inc: fertilizer, soil conditioner

Intrinsic Perennial Gardens: plants

Soil Retention: drivable grass

Belden Brick Company: clay pavers, thin brick veneer

Anova Furnishings: 6 Tuscany tables 36″ (recycled plastic), Tuscany chairs (recycled plastic)

Maglin Furniture: 2 Foro tables, 2 sections of Ogden benches

Landscape Forms: Furniture

Tankard Nurseries: Plants


Seating and tables
Benches -­ moveable 10 Ea
Benches -­ permanent 10 Ea
Modular tables with chairs for groups 14 Ea

Stone veneer 100 FF
Stone coping 150 LF
Gabion baskets 15 Ea
Rebar 100 IF
Gravel backfill 20 CY

Stone or clay pavers 2,600 SF
DecoraPve gravel 1,500 SF
Rubber playground surfacing 1,000 SF

Drainage and Sleeving
CA-­‐6 gravel 60 CY
Sand 8 Tons
Perforated PVC drain line 240 LF
4″ sched 35 PVC drain line 100 LF
4″ sched 35 pvc sleeving (for lighPng and irrigaPon) 140 LF
6″ Catch basin 5 Ea

Shade and part-­‐sun tolerant perennials TBD
Shade and part-­‐sun tolerant shrubs TBD
Shade and part-­‐sun tolerant small ornamental trees TBD
Vegetables TBD
Annuals TBD
Living wall modules 8 Ea
Topsoil -­‐ to replenish existing conditions (approx. 2,825 sf of planting beds) 30 CY
One Step Bed Conditioner-­‐ Material contains composted pine bark fines, soil conditioners and ph balancing
for local soils. 22 CY

Misc. Elements
Pedestals for art display 8 Ea
Planters 8 Ea
Trash receptacles 5 Ea
Recycling receptacles 5 Ea
Rain barrel 4 Ea
Rain chains 4 Ea
Paint 20 Ea
Sprinklers 5 Ea

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